Wax on, Wax off. [Video]

The ‘Sea Escape’ had been sitting under a grove of Birch trees for about 2 years. For the non-tree tappers out there – Birch is known as the ‘other‘ sappy tree.

It seemed that no matter how much we scrubbed the deck, the little black tar spots just would not come off. We tried a few store bought solutions but as usual, mom knows best…check out the video to see what simple ‘mom cleaning recipe‘ blew the competition out of the water.

After the spots were gone (for the most part) it was time for some Karate Kid action…

Within a few minutes the profound message of Karate Kid lesson #1 ‘Wax on, Wax off’ became clear as day…buy and electric orbital polisher!

Bluefin's electric boat gets a polishBluefin's electric boat gets a polish

When all was said and done she soaked up about 4 coats of wax and she will for sure take a few more but WOW…what a difference!

Bluefin's electric boat gets a polish

It was late in the afternoon and before we had too much time to admire our labour, a low diesel rumble wavered through the air. It was Tom from All-Tow.

Tom lines up his trailer to tow the soon to be electric boat

It was a precarious event to watch but in no time did he have the boat strapped to the trailer and our beloved Tolly was off to it’s new home at Shelter Island.

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