For cruising at Hull speeds,


The Lynch Inboard Drive systems uses a permanent magnet motor set up in a gearing console made from stainless steel and is regulated by a 2-quadrant motor controller.

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  1. Peter Milne says:

    Can you replace a single 5.7 Mercruiser 1989 with a new electric motor and use the newer alpha one outdrive ? It’s a Doral Monticello boat in great shape new top and refurbished hull

    1. Hi Peter,
      the go fast options start at $150,000

  2. I have a 34 foot bayliner avanti, with twin v8 mercruiser. I am pricing out a swap to 2 electric motors with solar and wind generations with a small genset in case of emergencies. I’m not looking for speed. Any ideas?

    1. we have solutions that will get you hull speed and with a lithium battery bank range should be ok as well.

  3. lisa comstock says:

    My son bought a 1980 34 foot tricabin tollycraft and one of the motors wasnt working. I actually dont think either worked. Now he wants to make it an electric boat. Any ideas or are there any conversion kits. He also wants to incorporate solar panels.

    1. we have kits for this vessel as long as you like cruising at 6 knots

  4. Hi there – we are looking for your most powerful 48V boat motor. Can you tell me what this would be, the cost, & whether it is CSA, cUL, or TUV rated?

  5. Hello, great to find you and awesome work you do.
    I am looking to buy a 25’ boat with an inboard Chevy V8 and convert it to electronic. I want to know what would be about the price to do that conversion? So I can plan to see if it’s in my budget.
    Thank you so far and hope to chat with you more.
    Have a great Monday.
    Jorge Siemsen

  6. Kuno Egger says:

    I have a Catalina 30 which I would like to convert to electric drive. What are my options?

    1. we have converted many of these with a Lynch 10kw kit

  7. Matthew Linton says:

    Have a 1989 340 SeaRay sun dancer with twin 454 Mercrusiers coupled to V drives. What are my options for electric conversion.

    1. no budget friendly conversions for your vessel
      if you want to go fast be ready to spend $$$$$$

  8. Hello, I am considering replacing my old diesel inboard with an electric “engine”. It’s a small 27ft. boat with a (9hp) engine. I also have an all DC AGM battery system they are pretty solid for my current needs but I would expand them for an electric engine too.
    I am trying to gauge the economic feasibility of this project. Approximately, how much would it cost me to get and install and electric engine including the removal of the diesel?
    Do you help with the removal of the old engine too?
    Finally, do you have a boatyard where we can work on this or do I have to rent days from granville island? If so, approximately how long does the transformation take?

    Thank you so much for the help!

  9. Looking to repower my 40ft searay

  10. Robert Hedrick says:

    I have a 1972 Islander 30 MkII that has an atomic 4 in it. I am looking for an easy inexpensive way to convert it to electric.

  11. Steve Hellyer says:

    I would like more information for my sail boat. Its 32 ft range. Please

    1. Steve what is the make of your boat what propellor do you have and how fast do you want to go?

  12. Hi there

    My motor needs a full rebuild on a 5.7 v8
    Mercruiser.. wondering if there’s a conversion kit that exists yet?


  13. George H. Coton says:

    I have a Mercator Offshore Mk.II 30 ft sloop that I want to convert to electric drive. Currently the boat has an inboard Volvo Penta MD2B diesel auxiliary.

  14. Need more info. I’ll keep looking for more info somewhere

  15. Rafal Bulgarski says:


    I am looking for support and options on converting a 40′ speed boat to electric.

  16. I have a 1988 30ft Tolleycraft with twin 6.2 diesels. I am thinking about converting to electric. What is the process and cost?

  17. Jose pepe vallejo says:

    I’m thinking of making the plunge and going this direction with the conversion.
    I have a 30 foot full keel Allberg design cape dory 30 foot cutter .
    I have a Volvo MD7B on board now it’s a Vee Drive. configuration .
    I’m not concerned about that the cost its the conversion additional the efficiency and availability of getting it done is anybody can discuss talk walk me through this or tell me what I Gotta do type or number batteries suggestion a lay out plan .
    I’m probably in the 10,000 15,000 weight class I’m not sure

  18. Very encouraging to look at your site and what you are doing. We own an electric car which we love, and a 1976 Apollo 32 cruiser which we also love, but would enjoy all the more, with no guilt, if it were electric as well. That’s not likely feasible for our boat at this time, but I’ll be interested in following developments in your work all the same.

  19. Jon pollock says:


    Would happen to sell a kit I could use for my 2003 Sea Doo islandia?

    I fell there could be a big market for see Doo boats and sea Doo in recent years stopped carry parts for their boats.

    Thank you.

  20. Bryan Verhulp says:

    Looking for supplier of electric motors and controls to replace twin perkins diesels, 90 hp each.
    Will go in a 35′ trawler.
    Live in Ottawa area.

    1. Ahoy Bryan,

      How is the conversion Idea going we just finished a 38’Bayliner heavy boat twin screws
      fitted with twin 10kw motors plenty of power for 6 knots cruising.

  21. Konstantin says:

    looking for upgrade my 30 feet sailboat
    can you make estimate how much it would be?

  22. Joe Poisson says:

    Good day folks, I have a Columbia 41 that needs a new engine, and electric is looking great. I see you may even be in my neighborhood as I live on Vancouver Island. We will be replacing a Perkins 4-107 which puts out 40 HP. Please let me know what kind of action we can take for this minor problem.

    1. Ahoy Joe,
      we just launched a Formosa 41 with a 20kw lmc kit works like a charm.
      our kits range from $9500-19899 plus batteries and installation.

  23. Sara Gilbert says:

    Hello, I have a 1991 23’ Chris Craft that has some engine troubles and instead of fixing, I am wondering what it might take/cost to convert this boat to electric. We use it as a ski boat to pull kids and adults on skis, wakeboards, tubes, etc. I believe it has a V8 Cobra engine today.

  24. I have a 38’ Bayliner in Ottawa area. I do not want to switch out engines but have this thought: I can produce a hybrid with one large single electric motor, centered, running to the screw drives inside shaft sections. Forward/reverse by polarity switch. Port/starboard control individually I don’t think an option, maybe actuators/gears?The battery banks would have solar/gas generator/engine power options to charge. The set up is for slow quiet affordable cruising with full engines options. Doable?

  25. I have a 2000 Yamaha xr1800 twin engine jet boat. Both 2 stroke engines are now bad. Was about to have them rebuilt but am now wondering if I should go electric. Boat weighs just under 2000 lbs and has 2 jet pumps. Only used in fresh water and tubing. Thoughts?

  26. Aaron Childs says:

    Hi there thinking of converting 33’ Bertram twin screws. Do you have a ballpark for price and power? Would be mostly slow cruising around victoria.
    Just spitballing at present

    1. Hi Aaron,
      Ballpark 20K for propulsion kits
      10K for Batteries and chargers
      5-15K for installation
      and you will have a 5knot cruiser for 6 hours
      yes you can go 6-7 knots in good conditions for 1.5 hours same battery bank

  27. Murray Browne says:

    I am looking to replace 1 or 2 Yanmar 50hp diesel engines on a Leopard 45 catamaran. The vessel weighs 29,000 pounds and has a water line of 40 feet. It has a shaft drive system. We are planning a 300amp 48v lithium battery system.
    Can you let me know options and pricing for shipping to Canada?
    Murray Browne

    1. Ahoy Murray,
      sorry for the late reply, we have a few options available for this type of vessel.
      power or sail cat?

  28. Hello, trying to figure out a kit for 9.9hp replacement, either inboard or outboard, 26′ for 2500kg.

    1. Ahoy Frank,
      We have both inboard and outboard available in that size motor.
      you decide inboard or outboard tiller or console rudder steering…….

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