Saietta Inboard Drive systems uses a permanent magnet motor set up in a gearing console made from stainless steel and is regulated by a 2-quadrant motor controller.

6 thoughts on “Saietta Inboard Electric Motors”

  1. Bryan Verhulp says:

    Looking for supplier of electric motors and controls to replace twin perkins diesels, 90 hp each.
    Will go in a 35′ trawler.
    Live in Ottawa area.

    1. Ahoy Bryan,

      How is the conversion Idea going we just finished a 38’Bayliner heavy boat twin screws
      fitted with twin 10kw motors plenty of power for 6 knots cruising.

  2. Joe Poisson says:

    Good day folks, I have a Columbia 41 that needs a new engine, and electric is looking great. I see you may even be in my neighborhood as I live on Vancouver Island. We will be replacing a Perkins 4-107 which puts out 40 HP. Please let me know what kind of action we can take for this minor problem.

    1. Ahoy Joe,
      we just launched a Formosa 41 with a 20kw lmc kit works like a charm.
      our kits range from $9500-19899 plus batteries and installation.

  3. Aaron Childs says:

    Hi there thinking of converting 33’ Bertram twin screws. Do you have a ballpark for price and power? Would be mostly slow cruising around victoria.
    Just spitballing at present

    1. Hi Aaron,
      Ballpark 20K for propulsion kits
      10K for Batteries and chargers
      5-15K for installation
      and you will have a 5knot cruiser for 6 hours
      yes you can go 6-7 knots in good conditions for 1.5 hours same battery bank

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