What do we do?

The simple answer to this is that we educate people about converting gas-powered boats and yachts into electric powered boats and yachts. We even sell a few “plug and play” options that we’ve sourced specifically to make your conversion easier.

But it doesn’t end thereā€¦our organization isn’t just about electric boating and yachting, ultimately we want to bring forward the reality of cleaner alternative energies into everyday living.

Just as Tesla Motors has done for the automotive industry and Zero Motorcycles has done for the motorcycle industry, we believe we can do this for the boating community.


Good question but an easy one for us to answer. At Bluefin we back our words with action by converting our very own gas-powered yachts into fully electric seagoing vessels.

We’ve already done it once with “The Original Bluefin” and we have done it again. You can even watch our progress by following our blog.

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