What do we do?

The simple answer to this is that we educate people about converting gas-powered boats and yachts into electric powered boats and yachts. We even sell a few “plug and play” options that we’ve sourced specifically to make your conversion easier.

But it doesn’t end there…our organization isn’t just about electric boating and yachting, ultimately we want to bring forward the reality of cleaner alternative energies into everyday living.

Just as Tesla Motors has done for the automotive industry and Zero Motorcycles has done for the motorcycle industry, we believe we can do this for the boating community.


Good question but an easy one for us to answer. At Bluefin we back our words with action by converting our very own gas-powered yachts into fully electric seagoing vessels.

We’ve already done it once with “The Original Bluefin” and we are in the process of doing it again. You can even watch our progress by following our blog.

18 thoughts on “Bluefin”

  1. I’m looking for help on the mathematics of what you do for a project out here in Toronto.

    I want to convert a salvage 36-42 ft cruiser over to electric and I need help with the math on motor sizes, battery banks and battery management systems.

    This would be a live a board project.

    Hoping your still around and willing to help even if there would be a fee involved.

  2. I have a 1974 41 Chris Craft Commander
    I want to replace the twin 454 Chevy engines.
    With electric shaft drive engines.
    Hope to incorporate the existing tramsmition and forward and reverse controls
    I have a $ 50,000 budget is this doable?

    1. Ahoy John,
      my site was hacked and I missed a few inquiries,
      electric propulsion works best direct drive no transmission a reduction gear is all that is necessary.
      we could install twin 40kw motors that would provide good cruising performance then you would need to add batteries.
      your budget would cover everything but the batteries.

  3. Good day
    I’m looking to convert a 40ft Willard currently powered with a 165HP Detroit.
    What motor would I require and how do I calculate the battery/ stored energy requirements.
    Do you supply any of the control systems?

    1. HI Mike,
      we have a 20kw system on the test bench that would drive your boat nicly
      all our systems are complete with controllers throttle etc.
      I am available to demonstrate the system for you this week if you are available.
      call me direct
      Michael@ 604-786-6652

  4. I have a 1995 seadoo bombadore 90hp 14’6” rotax engine, I would like to convert to electric What do you recommend me

  5. Mike this is John we just talked on phone about converting our 65ft yatch to dual 20kw electric drives and replacing the 2 617 detriot diesel

  6. Looking to convert a 1978 Lyman glass 26’ to electric drive, currently has a Chrysler marine 250 engine, weight is 7,900 lb

    1. if you like to go slow we have the solution at a reasonable cost.
      speed needs big investment in batteries like $100,000

  7. I have a 21 foot, moomba ski boat used mainly for wake surfing at about 10mph.
    Inboard Indmar 350cc. Direct drive. Extra battery weight is a bonus.
    Does this application fit and what would you recommend?

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