Hello, I’m Michael Whatley, CEO of Bluefin Electric Marine.

Ten years ago, we set out to provide boat owners with both a compelling and sustainable alternative to gasoline and diesel engines as a means of propulsion. Like Telsa Motors, we opted to provide electric propulsion as that alternative.

Although our electric sailboat was a success as a first conversion, our best chance to prove to the world that electric propulsion was viable for mass market came with our second conversion of a 6 ton, 30 ft cabin cruiser – ‘eTolly‘.

She can troll for 16 hours and cruise at 6 knots for 3 hours. There are no toxic fumes billowing into the cabin, there is no deafening rumble at speed. eTolly is quiet and incredibly inexpensive to operate. She is pleasant to pilot and with ZERO emissions, you can enjoy that water with peace of mind.

As an electric cabin cruiser, it’s impressive…but success for us requires an escalation in technology. The true measure in success will be to develop an electric V-8 replacement kit with the goal of going farther and faster. It’s just that simple. An electric  cruiser that performs has the best chance of being competitive with it’s fossil fuel alternatives. We are designing our own electric boat and are looking for partners on this project.

If you have any investment queries I’d be happy to connect with you however you prefer.

Our Goal today is the same as it was 10 years ago. We care about boating and we care about keeping our harbours clean. A Bluefin boat is and will always be:

  • ✓Cleaner
  • ✓Quieter
  • ✓Safer
  • ✓Easier to Maintain

Michael Whatley, CEO

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