Our Next Electric Boat – The Bluefin 2! [Video]

Just as soon as we had the Original Bluefin on the water and tested, we could hardly wait for our next adventure.

An electric inboard for a sailboat is pretty much a “no-brainer”. The Thoosa 7000HT performed like a charm and exceeded our expectations.

But what about a mid sized cruiser? We really were curious how a couple of electric motors would stack up against a couple of big blocks. What would we gain? What would we sacrifice?
Well the only way to find that out is to find the perfect test model and what better choice than a classic cruiser of the Pacific Northwest, a rare 30 foot Tollycraft Sportfisher Cruiser.

We soon began the hunt roaming the boat yards around the lower mainland and found what we believed to be a diamond in the rough. This beauty was no doubt neglected beyond what it deserved and Bluefin arrived in the nick of time.

Stay tuned for the next post coming soon!

“A Diamond In The Rough.”

A diamond in the rough. Our next electric boat conversion.

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